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Jude Comfort Dog is just a rambunctious, teenage Golden Retriever when he is being a dog, but slip on his working vest and he is instantly transformed. Boldly requesting “Please Pet Me”, the bright blue vest indicates that Jude is ready to offer a safe, quiet haven for anyone needing a listening, non-judgmental ear or just the comfort found in stroking soft fur. Although Jude is still in training, still learning how to bring a sense of calmness to a wide variety of people amid high levels of emotion, noises, lights and confusion, he is following in the paw-prints of a cadre of Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dogs. Jude is already using his natural personality and appearance to bring calm to area groups sharing his charm with assisted living residents, school children and even the Three Rivers School choral group. 

Like all LCC Comfort Dogs, Jude has been specially selected for his relaxed, obedient nature. Soon, he will be joining other highly-trained dogs from 23 states in bringing comfort to locations of trauma and crises. LCC Comfort Dogs have been deployed to help people deal with fear, anger and confusion at shootings such as Parkland Florida High School and the Orlando dance club; the sense of loss present at funerals for young children and accident victims; and helplessness felt by hurricane clean-up workers. In all instances the LCC Comfort Dogs must maintain complete calm. They know to wait for the human to approach them and give room for whatever emotional release comes. The Comfort Dog and his handler have practiced under all types of circumstances to be more than giant stuffed animals. Each handler has learned how to guide those seeking comfort to look beyond the Comfort Dog and to find peace in Christ. This is what distinguishes Jude and the LCC Comfort Dogs from other dog programs- the handler always points beyond the temporary comfort derived from Jude to the eternal comfort, assurance and peace we have through faith in Jesus Christ, knowing that through His death and resurrection our sins have been completely forgiven.

Jude offers a chance to slow-down and regain some sense of control amid chaos. Perhaps a person just needs a place where he can be weak for a moment or express his heart. The Comfort Dog has learned to accept each person whether they need space to be vulnerable or space to be strong. The dog’s handler, guided by God’s words in 2 Corinthians 1 “Praise be to the God of all Comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the Comfort we ourselves receive from God”, stands by to let the person know that God recognizes this full range of emotions and that it is important to hide, lean or rest in His arms at all times.

Jude Comfort Dog will be visiting St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Colon on Sunday, March 18 to show how he performs his work. Gretchen Andersen of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Three Rivers and administrator of their Comfort Dog program will accompany Jude and explain how this program is used to bring the compassion of Christ in times of pain, loss and even times of joy. Jude and Andersen will visit first during the Sunday School hour at 8:00 a.m., and then make a short presentation during the worship hour, concluding with coffee hour at 10:00 a.m. St. Paul’s is located at 484 S. Burr Oak Road in Colon. Community members are invited to meet Jude and hear about his work- and yes, to pet, hug and love-on Jude! 
Jude is one of two Comfort Dogs currently stationed in Michigan, serving with Comfort Dog Faith from the east side of the state. Jude is dual-vested to work as a Kare-9 Dog when paired with a military veteran handler. As such, Jude is specially trained to engage members of the military community both active and retired.



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