Volume 3 - Number 40 - SEPTEMBER 1st, 2018

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Rick Fisher,Editor


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It's hard to believe another summer has come and gone. The older I get the shorter the summer days seem to get. It's been lots of fun here in the Magic Capital with our 4th of July Festival and Magic Week as traditional highlights. Now we focus on the fall. Even though the temperatures have and will continue to fall (no pun intended) the trees will soon be full of beautiful colors and then after that ...well let's not even go there yet it's still September after all!

November brings new elections on state, federal and local level. It seems our country finds itself in a divide emotionally and politically and it has even trickled down to our little community. A new council president will be chosen as well as council members whose terms are up for re-election this year. Heading into 2019 brings challenges to Colon and The Express certainly hopes these are met with an open mind for ALL citizens of this community. We have fallen behind in so many areas that are vital to the future of Colon. We look to our leaders for change - not just for the sake of change - but for the sake of survival. For the first time in recent memory there are several businesses in Colon for sale. There is a real and distinct possibility we may lose some of them. Trying to replace businesses is difficult at best and it seems our current administration pays little or no attention to what is happening downtown. The current village council was also responsible for hiring a village manager and then giving him a $5,000 raise midway into his one year contract and within 5 months after gave him a thumbs down and didn't renew his contract.It was a raise that was given without any checks or balances in place. It was an inept decision at best. This followed by the resignation of our village president and one council member.  It was a tumultuous year.

So the village is advertising for a new village manager as Tom Tenney has been filling in as interim. The Express certainly hopes the village council will this time investigate and research thoroughly the candidates before hiring and find someone with the right skill set and  experience to grow our magical town. The future of this village hangs in the balance. So, get out and vote in November and let's get Colon moving forward....

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Dan Fink

Contributing Editor