I am sure the founders of the Colon Express never envisioned the end of their newspaper in print form nor could they ever fathom 'the internet' - like thousands of small newspapers they went away - most never to be heard of or from again. When I first resurrected the Colon Express under the online name I had no idea how it would be recognized or if it would be accepted. I was surprised and delighted to receive so many positive responses and yes there were a few negative ones...and that is okay. This is a public site - unlike other facebook pages that only want to share one sided views this fb page and our sister website www.thecolonexpress.com will publish your thoughts, criticisms and accomplishments.

I believe in constructive criticism - it's healthy to get other opinions and while may not agree we can disagree in a respective manner. There are wonderful citizens of this village who i have come to know and respect. Colon is very lucky to have these individuals. There is another side to this story - to the folks in current offices that don't want or will accept change or will take the responsibility of leadership to make sure this village doesn't end up a ghost town. Our Magic Capital has a lot going for it - it is indeed unfortunate to see those who brush the challenges this village faces under the rug hoping they will 'go away' - they won't and could get worse if not addressed. What seems obvious to many is lack of leadership to move this village in the right direction. With several village presidents and managers under it's belt we have become 'stalled' . Our infrastructure is in shambles. Yet, we address only with a shoot from the hip put on a bandaid and hope it will heal attitude.

We intend to address those and other issues Colon Michigan faces - there will be times when stories and opinions may seem too critical - but i promise never cruel or demeaning. We will print the facts and offer opinions not just from this office but from visitors to the EXPRESS. Anyone can read these posts that are on facebook and on our website. You won't be banned because you cannot be 'banned' - We need to hear from you and others reading these posts and website also need to hear from you. It's time to grow this village but it has to be a team effort. Looking forward to hearing from you. I remain, Rick Fisher, editor and publisher.

Dan Fink

Contributing Editor


 Sunday, September 15th 2019

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