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Facts About The Fourth of July

1. Independence Day was actually supposed to be July 2nd, but the Declaration of Independence wasn't adopted until July 4th.

2. Even though Independence Day is the celebrated on the 4th of July and the Declaration of Independence starts with "In CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America..." the document was not signed until August 2, 1776, when 50 men signed it.

3. The first anniversary was celebrated on July 4, 1777 in Philadelphia with an official dinner for the Continental Congress.

4.  George Washington celebrated the July 4, 1778, with a double ration of rum for his soldiers and an artillery salute in Princeton, New Jersey.

5. The first public "official" White House Fourth of July event didn't happen until 1804.

6.  Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, the only signers of the Declaration of Independence later to serve as Presidents of the United States, both died on Independence Day, July 4, 1826. which was the 50th anniversary of the Declaration.

7. The 4th of July is also independence day for Rwanda.

8. Fireworks were first authorized by Congress for Fourth of July, 1777

9. The first Independence Day celebration west of the Mississippi occurred at Independence Creek and was celebrated by Lewis and Clark in 1805.

10. The Fourth of July wasn't officially declared a national holiday until 1941 and is the only federal holiday that has not been moved to a Thursday , Friday or Monday for convenience .


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With the Independence Day holiday quickly approaching we'd like to take this opporunity to remind our readers to take precautions when celebrating with backyard fireworks dispalys.  

Some important to tips to remember are as follows:

*Always buy fireworks from a reputable licensed fireworks distributor/store.  Most people don't realize that fireworks do have a shelf life and will go bad.

*Keep fireworks a safe distance away from spectators.  Using a protetive barrier such as a larg pice of wood to deflect fireworks should they misfire can help prevent a lot of injuries.

*Never light off fireworks while under the influence of ANY mind altering substances, prescribed or otherwise.

*If a display does not ignite it is best to soak it down and cover it if possible for at least an hour.  Never try and relight an unexploded firework display.  

*Do not let childer light off any firworks. 

Volume 3 - Number 23 - June 11, 2017

Dan Fink

Contributing Editor


Be Safe This Fourth of July Holiday.

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Other Announcements

*As in past summers there will be a Farmers Market at the Colon Community Park on Saturday mornings from 8:00 am - Noon.  These will run from mid-May through mid-October. 

*The 11th annual Fourth of July Palmer Lake Flotilla will be held on Saturday July 1, 2017.  For more information please contact Tim Taylor at 773-383-7892 or email at  The theme this year will be Nursery Rhymes and will start at 6:30 pm.  All participants are aske to meet at the Public Landing.  


Looking for something FUN & CHALLENGING TO DO THIS SUMMER?  Colon Magic Camp is for all ages - sponsored by The FAB Magic Company, this 3rd annual event will take place at the Colon United Methodist Church. Learn all types of magic,juggling and learn how to make a few balloon animals! All props and manuals are provided - Register NOW before February 28th and $ave! Only $65 for two days culminating with a cookout on Thursday, July 20th following the last day. Register HERE and get all the details, schedule etc....